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6 Nations 2014: Crouch, engage, debate

Antipasto corposo di 6 Nations 2014: il sito irlandese The Score ha ospitato un dibattito tra alcuni blogger in vista del torneo, un rappresentante per nazione e per l'Italia Right Rugby si è posizionato in prima linea. Una tradizione consolidata (siamo al terzo giro ormai) e piacevole, soprattutto per il confronto diretto con i colleghi latini, britannici o celtici. Pubblichiamo di seguito parte del dibattito, la versione integrale la trovate qui: è solo la prima puntata, domani altro capitolo focalizzato sul Galles e l'ipotesi di una tripletta dei dragoni. 

WE’RE ALMOST THERE, the Six Nations is now merely days away. So we decided it was high time we sent out the bat signal to summon some of the greatest rugby minds Europe had to offer. What showed up was even better, though, and we invited passing bloggers from each nation in for a cosy fireside G-Chat. Bajadita from France, Whiff of Cordite cycled round the corner, England’s Blood and Mud showed up waving some biscuits, then came Dario Mazzochi of Italy’s Right Rugby, Rory Baldwin of the Scottish Rugby Blog and, with a deafening fanfare of trumpets and a couple of medals swinging from his neck, reigning champion Woodster from The Coal Face

Here’s what happened when the custard creams were rolled out: 
Blood and Mud: SO, we all agree England are going to win. Can I go now? 
Bajadita rugby: Typically English. Yeah, why not start with England? So close last year… yet so, so far. 
BAM: That final game was always coming for us and for Wales last year. They were getting better and we were doing alright but lacked dynamism and were shown for what we were 
Whiff of Cordite: It’s another youngish squad. 
BAM: Since then, we’ve developed a winning habit without looking, for me, particularly convincing. But the forwards look settled and are ever improving, for, as WOC says a youngish squad. 
WOC: I think England will have another solid campaign without blowing the house down 
BAM: The backs are still all over the shop, and no team that wants to be the best can do so with Brad Barritt in the the lineup, so I’d get shot of him and look at Burrell. I agree, Whiff, but at least, for the first time in years, us England fans can see what the coach is trying to do. For ages it was utter despair with no light at the end of the tunnel. 
WOC: Are they going to find space for Alex Goode? 
BAM: I don’t think Alex Goode will get in. Brown has the shirt and deserves to keep it . 
WOC: Yeah he had a good November. 
BAM: In short, I expect us to be top three, and if we can show something resembling a coherent backline to go with the improving forwards then I’d be happy. 
Bajadita Rugby: Alex Goode, Foden, Brown, England has 3 excellent fullbacks.
WOC: Who’s scrum half going to be? 
BR: Hope it will be Danny Care 
BAM: Yes, Bajadita, shame we have not shown the ambition to use them properly as yet. But this is definitely a project under Lancaster 
WOC: I think he’s the best choice. His form went down the toilet last year… We thought he’d be a Lion – Looks back to his best now. 
BAM: I don’t like Care much, he makes daft choices in basic game management. I like Dickson, he gets the job done and with the pack going well he’s great at getting the ball away, but he’s been out of his club team which is a worry. 
Dario Mazzocchi: Brunel claimed Italy must win against England in Rome this year. I don’t think that’s possible, anyway, but that’s the mission for 2014. 
Rory Baldwin: Is that the last scalp left for them to claim in Rome? 
WOC: I’ve never been a Dickson fan but I take your point on Care; an instinctive player. 
SRB: Dickson is Scottish qualified, true story 
DM: Yes, you’re right Rory.

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Simone ha detto...

Quest'anno niente lega ESPN Fantasy?

ringo ha detto...

Ciao Simone: siamo arrivati al D-Day con l'acqua alla gola per fattori esterni. Settimana prossima si organizza il campionato. Grazie.

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